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SEND Sustainability Plan

If you are looking for information about our new SEND Sustainability Plan see 'SEND sustainability plan'

Sixth form, colleges and universities for ages 16+

This section provides information about educational provision in Wiltshire for young people aged 16 and above.

After the age of 16, students can start to make more choices about their education. Courses can be chosen based on personal interests, or a desire to work in a certain job. For example, for those preferring active and hands on studies, there are vocational courses that can lead to all kinds of things, from engineering to hospitality. The campuses will usually reflect their specialist areas, so arranging a visit will help give an idea of the environment, and if it is going to be right for the student. The schools and colleges listed below are all in, or near to, Wiltshire. If a student has an EHCP, these campuses are likely to be offered depending on the particular needs in their plan, and where they live.

There are government websites with registers of all independent, non-council funded schools and colleges in England. From here you can search for and download information. It is important to visit these sites, as all options should be explored when discussing what a student wants their future education to look like.

Get information about schools and colleges - GOV.UK (opens new window)

For further details of independent schools for pupils with special educational needs, including those approved under section 41 of the Children and Families Act, please use the following link: 

SEN: Independent educational establishments - GOV.UK (opens new window)


Colleges offer a campus dedicated to learners aged over the age of 16 years old. They are not attached to a school so will not have younger students present. The courses range from a higher level of academic study like English or maths, or vocational topics such as computer programming or agriculture.

Specialist Colleges

Specialist colleges have developed to meet the particular needs of students. The staff will be trained and have access to further training and are supported by equipment and school spaces that help enable those with specialist learning needs.

Special schools with sixth forms

There are a number of special schools in Wiltshire which have sixth forms. This can offer a familiar environment for transition and an educational setting with a good understanding of pupils personal pathways who have moved up within the school. The specialist nature of the school also means access to staff with specialist training, equipment and spaces to support learning needs. When attached to a school sixth forms will not take students over the age of 18 due to the mixing with younger students on the campus.


Universities are usually larger educational organisations than colleges and offer what is known as higher education (Undergraduate/ Postgraduate Degrees). These courses can help you specialise further in a certain area of industry or help further your research in your area of expertise. Ages range from 18 years and older on these campuses as the education usually requires previous college course qualifications.


Wondering about what the next big step in your education or life is going to look like? Find Wiltshire based services and information to help here.

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