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SEND Sustainability Plan

If you are looking for information about our new SEND Sustainability Plan see 'SEND sustainability plan'

What is Local Offer about?

Every local authority is responsible for publishing a Local Offer and making sure it is clear, comprehensive and accessible for everyone to see. It is the first place to look for information about services, advice and support for special educational needs and disabilities from early years to adulthood.

Watch: Introduction to the Wiltshire Local Offer (opens new window) 

Thanks to translators from our Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service (opens new window), the introductory video can also be viewed in a number of different languages: YouTube: Wiltshire Council Local Offer Video - Polish translation (opens new window), YouTube: Wiltshire Council Local Offer Video - Ukrainian translation (opens new window), YouTube: Wiltshire Council Local Offer Video - Romanian translation (opens new window), YouTube: Wiltshire Council Local Offer Video - Russian translation (opens new window) and YouTube: Wiltshire Council Local Offer Video - Turkish translation (opens new window).

To find out more, watch one of Wiltshire Centre for Independent Living Young Pioneers interview the Local Offer Officer (opens new window).

The Local Offer must include information about what the local authority expects to be available for children and young people who have special educational needs or a disability. This should include information about what is available in the local authority's area, and what it expects to be available outside its area for children and young people for whom it is responsible (for example Looked After Children), and children and young people in its area who have a disability.

Local authorities must also seek feedback about their Local Offer, make this feedback available and report on how they will make improvements in response to feedback.

The Local Offer should include information on:

  • education
  • other or alternative educational provision
  • preparing for adulthood and independent living
  • health provision
  • social care provision
  • SEND service
  • leisure
  • travel
  • support and guidance

If you would like to help share Local Offer information with your community or service users you can download a 'What is the Local Offer' poster by visiting the document section of the SEND service resources page: Right Choice: SEND resource (opens new window)

People having a photo at an information stand
Ludgershall Small Grants Scheme
WPCC March event
Young person getting off the bus
Young Pioneers out and about
Downlands student using electronic white board
Downlands student doing D&T
Silverwood students doing some gardening
Silverwood students using assistive equipment
SEND student graduation
First session of the Young Pioneers 22.02.23
Student dog grooming
Exeter House students at lunch
Exeter House student learning music
Silverwood student in sensory time

It became a legal requirement for local authorities to produce and publish their Local Offer in September 2014, as required by the Children and Families Act 2014 (opens new window). Wiltshire's Local Offer has been developed in partnership with parent carers and other stakeholders. We have ambitious aspirations for the Local Offer, as we strive for it to become increasingly comprehensive and user-friendly. We hope to achieve this by regularly reviewing, developing and updating our Local Offer website in partnership with parent carers, young people and other stakeholders.

In 2014, the DfE produced The Local Offer ( (opens new window), a video that describes what a Local Offer is.

What about support in a nearby County?

You may wish to find information about a provision that is outside of Wiltshire, as every county has a Local Offer this would be the first place to start looking. Here are some links to our neighbours Local Offers (LO): Bath & North East Somerset LO (opens new window), Somerset LO (opens new window), Dorset LO (opens new window), Swindon LO (opens new window), Hampshire LO (opens new window), Gloucestershire LO (opens new window).

Policies, strategy and inspections

The services and organisations that are part of the Local Offer are all governed by policies set by the Wiltshire Local Authority, by the Government and by the feedback they received from inspections and service users. To find out more visit our page where you can find Ofsted inspection reports, Wiltshire Council SEND Strategy and more.

SEND services reviews and strategies

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