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SEND Sustainability Plan

If you are looking for information about our new SEND Sustainability Plan see 'SEND sustainability plan'

What's new - Spring 2023

Quarterly news and information on changes within the Local Offer website.

Published 15 November 2022
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The Local Offer website is constantly being improved and co-constructed as a hub for community voice and information. There are still many things to work on and the site will continue to evolve with its users needs over time. If you spot anything that needs fixed, have an idea or think something is missing please get in touch at

You can also submit anonymous feedback online.

New pages

Getting involved - A new page containing ways to get involved in Wiltshire and have a voice for positive change.

You Said, We Did - A new page containing a log of the outcomes from community feedback.

Moving in or out of Wiltshire with an EHCP - A new page for information on moving in and out of Wiltshire, including school admissions contacts and links.

Autism Parent Programme - SWAPP - A new page with updated information on the Wiltshire Autism parent programme.

 - A new set of pages full of co-created education information that should form the foundation of teaching for SEND young people.

Ability Sports - Read all about accessible sports in Wiltshire and supporting links and organisations.

Getting online safely - Information about online safety and links to a variety of national and local support and advice.

Growing up and Moving on - The pathway to adult document can be found here as well as the links to the information found throughout the site.

Updated pages

Using a personal assistant - Updated in co-creation with Wiltshire Centre for Independent Living.

Jargon Buster - Updated to be easier to find throughout the site and on search.

Leisure and Libraries - Leisure information now has a new look and much more input from different services and opportunities. Each age section has been adjusted for the relevant services.

Short Breaks - The most up to date information on the Short Breaks respite scheme in Wiltshire

Habilitation Support - Service updates direct from the Habilitation team about their work.

Youth Justice Service - Service updates direct from the Youth Justice Service about their work.

Hearing Support Team - Service updates direct from the Hearing Support team about their work.

Physical and Medical Support Team - Service updates direct from the Physical and Medical team about their work.

Vision Support Team - Service updates direct from the Vision Support team about their work.

0 to 5 Health  - The latest update on health services supporting the SEND community. Each age section has been adjusted for the relevant services.

Advice and support - The latest update on advice and support services supporting the SEND community. Each age section has been adjusted for the relevant services.

EHC assessments - A comprehensive resource on applying for education, health and care plans for parent/ carers, young people and those working with them. You will also find relevant EHCP information under each age group section.

Money Advice - Each age section has had a significant overhaul around financial advice and what is available, this is still an ongoing process with a current focus on early years.

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