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SEND Sustainability Plan

If you are looking for information about our new SEND Sustainability Plan see 'SEND sustainability plan'

Local Offer Reference Group hub page

Information about the purpose of the Local Offer Reference Group and its work

What the Local Offer Reference Group is

This group is for people to have their views listened to about the information available on support and services for those with additional needs 0 to 25 years and the people that support them. We will be visiting established groups of people across the county including parent/carers, young people, those in education or employment and others within the SEND community. The session will be supported by the people the group are familiar with and the meeting will take place somewhere the group leader thinks will be familiar and accessible to its members. Information will be sent out ahead of the meeting by the people who support your group, so you know:

  • when and where the session will take place
  • what you are going to be asked
  • information about the topic
  • how to record your views at home

If you have questions before or after the session you can talk to the familiar person who is supporting your meeting or email (opens new window).

What to expect in a group session

Introductions will be made to the session leader and the topic of discussion. There will also be time to check any adjustments or support needed during the session for those attending. The group will be asked to access the Wiltshire Local Offer website via a phone, tablet or laptop to answer the questions. 

There will be set questions asked about a particular topic using an interactive app Menti Mentimeter (opens new window). Answers will be recorded so the Group can see what needs to improve, what is going okay and what is great. 

In the second half of the session people can suggest their ideas to improve things or raise anything else about the topic they feel is important.

How your voice makes change

The views recorded for the Local Offer reference group are anonymous. The results of the sessions will clearly show the areas of the Local Offer information its users need improvement in.

The ideas and feedback from the session will help us to start improving the information in the way best suited to the community that use the Local Offer. 

The themes from the comments will be recorded in the annual report published on the Local Offer website and the resulting actions taken will be included.

Online surveys

Recorded versions of the sessions including the links to have your say on the topics discussed in person can be found here after the groups have taken place, this is to ensure everyone has an opportunity to give their views should they wish to. Feedback links remain live for 14 days, please contact (opens new window) to share your feedback later.

Local Offer reference group calendar
DateTitleGroup visitedOnline Survey Links
22 February 2024What is on the Local OfferWiltshire Parent Carer Council (WPCC)To be uploaded from 1 November 2024
17 April 2024Early Help and Ordinary Provision InformationNew SENCo groupTo be uploaded from 1 November 2024
29 May 2024Accessibility of information on the Local OfferYoung Pioneers (Centre for Independent Living)To be uploaded from 1 November 2024
7 June 2024Local Offer EventsFE Student Council (Fairfield College)To be uploaded from 1 November 2024
20 June 2024Marketing of the Local OfferParent Carer Support (Community First)To be uploaded from 1 November 2024

If you wish to feed back at any time and not related to the Reference Group topics you can use the Local Offer survey (opens new window), the anonymous Submit feedback form or email (opens new window).

Further information

For an easy read version describing the purpose and process of the Local Offer Reference Group please download the below accessible documents:

To read about the membership of the group, the agenda and further information about the work of the Local Offer Reference group you can visit:

Local Offer Reference Group

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