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Wiltshire Ordinarily Available Provision for All Learners (OPAL)


Last updated: September 2023

What is OPAL

OPAL is a resource which outlines the provision and support that should ordinarily be available for children and young people in education settings, such as early years, schools and colleges.


  • education setting would value guidance on how they can expect to held to account, and how they can deliver based on best practice
  • all children and young people can thrive more in an inclusive culture
  • parents and carers can understand a consistent approach easier

In practice, our OPAL will:

  • promote a vision for a more inclusive system, firmly based on high standards and quality first teaching (QFT) for all
  • index and link to existing best practice documentation
  • define core standards and provide tools for learning to meet a consistent minimum effort
  • provide positive, celebratory examples of best practice in the Wiltshire context
  • contain supportive resources to promote practitioner development
  • provide a forum for collaborative learning and improvement, including a space for practitioners to share best practice
  • support provision of tools and skills to help children and young people to integrate in communities
  • support our communities to be as inclusive as possible

Wiltshire is a needs led area:

This means that any provision or support will be tailored to the individual's needs, and that a diagnosis is not required to access support in schools and settings. 

Terminology used in this document we will refer to: 

  • children and young people as CYP
  • adults who support CYP as staff
  • parents of children and young people with SEND as parent carers
  • educational placements including early years provision, schools and colleges as settings 
  • special educational needs and/or disabilities as SEND

For additional help with terms and phrases visit:

For details of services and support visit:

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