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New Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) template

A new template has been co-produced with key partners

Published 30 November 2023
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We are pleased to advise that Wiltshire SEND Team will be introducing a new Education, Health, and Care Plan (EHCP) template from the 4th December 2023. The template has been designed and co-produced with partners, including parents and carers, schools, social care and health teams. We are confident that the new EHCP template reflects feedback from key partners, and all the legally required elements as set out in the SEN Code of Practice. All new EHCP requests, which reach agreement from the Local Authority to issue, will be finalised using the new template from 4 December 2023. All current EHCPs will remain in the current format at this time, however we will be working hard to ensure these are transferred.

To read more about the EHCP process, you can visit our pages: 0 to 5yrs EHCP, 5 to 11yrs EHCP, 11 to 16yrs EHCP, and 16+yrs EHCP.

If you need to contact the SEND Team visit:

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